Cody Brocious
1464 Hollywell Ave
Chambersburg, PA 17201
Phone: +1.678.636.9323
Skills Expertise: File format and network protocol reverse-engineering, development and debugging tool development, embedded software development, compiler development, project management. Programming languages: C, Python, x86 assembly, C#, Nemerle, Boo, Ruby, Javascript.
Employment Chief Technology OfficerUnified Platform Management Corporation December 2008—Present
  • Reverse-engineered wire protocols for hotel locks and related peripherals.
  • Implemented a web-based hotel front desk system compatible with the industry leader's devices.
  • Implemented a Python to Javascript compiler that supports macros.
  • Developed comprehensive testing procedures to lower maintenance and support costs.
Chief Technology OfficerBroken Fractal Ventures September 2007—December 2008
  • Implemented an advanced deobfuscator for the obfuscation used in Apple's Quicktime.
  • Reverse-engineered the Apple FairPlay DRM scheme.
  • Implemented a GStreamer plugin to enable the use of FairPlay-encumbered media on Linux.
  • Implemented a GStreamer plugin to allow the easy streaming of music to Apple Airport Express routers on Linux.
  • Implemented a Banshee plugin to allow seamless purchasing from the Amazon MP3 store.
Lead EngineerFalling Leaf Software February 2006—September 2007
  • Completed initial research into conversion of Windows binaries to Mac OS X.
  • Designed and implemented framework to enable conversion of Windows binaries to OS X and Linux, relinking as necessary.
  • Designed a high-performance, cross-platform intermediary library for use in game porting.
  • Implemented large portions of the Win32 API on top of aforementioned intermediary library.
  • Reverse-engineered the Direct3D 10 shader format.
  • Designed and implemented a recompiler to convert Direct3D 10 shaders into GLSL shaders.
  • Implemented a compatibility library to allow the execution of basic DirectX 10 applications on Windows XP.
Software EngineerMP3tunes, LLC May 2005—July 2007
  • Developed an iTunes plugin to allow synchronizing music to non-Apple devices.
  • Assisted in the design of a music locker system.
  • Developed iTunes, TiVo, and Winamp plugins to allow seamless locker access.
  • Co-developed an application to synchronize music to/from the locker.
  • Developed a set of debugging and development tools for the Nokia 770 and N800 tablets.
  • Developed a locker playback applet for Nokia tablets.
Other work
  • PyMusique — First complete open source client for the iTunes Music Store, enabling purchases on Linux. Covered in Forbes, PCWorld, CNet, and others.
  • File Format Reversing - Everquest II VPK — File format reverse-engineering crash course article, published on OpenRCE.
  • iPhone Dev Team — Reverse-engineered various components on the iPhone and worked on the original unlock.
  • Emokit — Reverse-engineered the Emotiv EPOC brain-computer interface to enable open, cross-platform development. Covered in H+ Magazine, Boing Boing, Hack a Day, and others.
  • Renraku — Pure-managed research OS.
  • Pyvascript — Python to Javascript compiler supporting macros.